FreedomPop Review: Free 4G Wireless Internet Access Can Help You Save On Your Cell Phone Bill

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post talking about a couple of ways that people could reduce their spending on their wireless phone bill, or on their mobile data usage.   I talked about a couple of services that I had considered signing up for that were both potentially free. One was a cell service provider that when you shared the service with friends and they signed up, you would get money off on your bill for as long as your friends used the service.   Potentially you could end up making money as well.

The other service that I mentioned was a 3G/4G wireless data provider called FreedomPop.  Basically with FreedomPop you are able to get 500MB of free 4G data every month, all you have to do is sign up for the service and put down a refundable deposit on one of their wireless hotspots.

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After writing about the service I was pretty intrigued, and when my month of service with my Virgin Mobile hotspot ran out, I jumped in and signed up for FreedomPop.

So today I thought I would give a quick review of FreedomPop, talking about what the service is, why it’s such a great deal and how it could potentially save you a lot of money.

FreedomPop – What It Is

freedompop FreedomPop is a startup high speed wireless internet company that aims to give free fast internet to everyone.   Here’s from their about page:

FreedomPop’s mission is to deliver free, fast, wireless internet to all.

Through our innovative model, FreedomPop is able to offer customers 500MB of free high speed internet per month — this at a time when wireless internet providers are increasing prices, throttling speeds, and adding additional fees for access. The FreedomPop solution offers consumers a free alternative, which we believe will help to restore balance to the wireless data industry and will help to ensure that no American is left off the digital grid.

FreedomPop’s high speed wireless internet service runs on Clearwire’s 4G WiMax network. The service will expand to include Sprint’s 4G LTE network in 2013.

While their free service is the thing everyone trumpets, you can also sign up for premium packages with FreedomPop, which are all at rates much lower than their competitors.

Signing Up For FreedomPop

Signing up for FreedomPop was extremely easy.  You just go to their site, enter your zip code and email address, and then it will tell you if they have service in your area. Luckily for me they had it available in the Twin Cities.

From there you’ll be taken to a page where you choose what plan you’d like to sign up for. All of their plans are month to month, and you can cancel at any time.  The free option, which I signed up for, offers you 500MB of free data every month, but honestly, you can get much more free data than that if you engage on their site. More about that later.  So here are their available plans, although only the free plan, the 2GB and 4GB plans are offered when you sign up:

freedompop plans

When you choose the free plan you’ll also be offered a $2.99/month “FreedomPop Speed Plus” option, that will guarantee no speed throttling and consistent upload/download speeds.  If you want a truly free service, you can skip this.

After choosing your service you pick your device.  They have 7 of them available when you sign up.

  • Freedom Stick – Bolt: A USB stick that you plugin to your laptop or other device. Can be used on one device at a time. There is a $39 refundable deposit for this device.
  • Freedom Spot – Photon: This is a 4G wireless hotspot, a hockey puck type hotspot. Can be used with up to 8 Wi-Fi devices at a time, and there is a $89 refundable deposit.
  • Freedom Sleeve Rocket: This is an Ipod Touch 4 sleeve, that slips onto the back of your Ipod Touch and basically turns it into an Iphone. Also acts as a hotspot for up to 8 devices.  There is a $99 price tag for this device.
  • Freedom Hub Burst: This is a home internet hub that is launching soon.  It gives you a 4G modem and wireless router. Connect up to 10 devices and it will give you 1GB of free 4G internet every month.
  • Freedom Spot – Overdrive Pro: Another hotspot that was just launched with both 3G and 4G. It’s the same one used by Virgin Mobile when I used their mobile data, but currently only $49.99 versus $99.99 when i bought it at Virgin!  The 3G service was just launched as of Spring 2013 on the Sprint network, and they anticipate having LTE later in 2013. If you want 3G service it will cost you $3.99/month for the Pro 500MB plan with both 3G and 4G.
  • Freedom Spot MiFi 4082: 3G/4G coverage as well in this hotspot, and you can get one for only $34.99 right now through this link: MiFi 4082
  • Freedom Spot MiFi 500 LTE: FreedomPop’s first LTE hotspot, currently listed at $149.

So you have several options of what kind of 4G connection you can get, 2 of them with refundable deposits, and one with a $99 price tag.  The Overdrive Pro has both 3G/4G connections, and a low price of only $49.99, although that may be for a limited time.  Their first LTE hotspot, the MiFi 500 LTE, offers a fast LTE connection, although it costs quite a bit more to start at $149.

UPDATE: As of October 2013, you can also sign up for the new FreedomPop Freedom Phone Cell Service as well – a  cell phone with no monthly cost!

After choosing your device you’ll enter your credit card and shipping  information and you’re done. The device you choose will be shipped out by FedEx.

NOTE: By default your new account will be set to auto charge your linked credit card once you get within 100MB of your alloted data amount. You can disable that feature if you want in your billing settings. I did.

Unboxing My Mobile Hotspot Device

I received my mobile hotspot about 4 days after I placed my order. I was excited to give it a try, here’s a quick video showing the unboxing of my Photon hotspot.

As you can see from the video the hotspot comes in a nice box that includes the hotspot, a quick start guide, a USB cable and a AC adapter for charging. It’s a tiny little device, so small that I forget that I have it in my pocket at times.

FreedomPop Photon hotspot

The Service So Far

I’ve been using my device for a week or so, and so far the results have been mixed.  I live in an outer ring suburb of Minneapolis, and according to their site I should have 4G coverage in my neighborhood.  So far I haven’t been able to get a signal there, however. Once I get just a couple miles closer to the inner ring suburbs, however, I get a nice clear 4G signal.  The closer to Minneapolis/St. Paul I get, the better the signal is.

I’m fine with that because the place I’d be most likely to use this device is when I’m at work, and driving to and from work.  In those places I get a nice clear signal, and good upload/download speeds. Here’s a test I ran from, although speeds have been even faster at times:

Download: 6898 kbps
Upload: 1625 kbps
Ping: 96 ms

So all in all the speeds are pretty good. They’re comparable to the speeds I was getting on the Virgin Mobile 4G hotspot, and since my home DSL connection stinks, it’s actually faster than that connection.

The bottom line is this.  When I get a 4G signal, the hotspot works great! Not bad for a free service!

Getting Extra Free Data

When you signup for the free plan you only get 500MB of free data. For a low user of mobile data like myself – someone who mainly checks email and my sites when I’m on the go – that may be enough data for the month. If you like doing other things though, like streaming audio and video, that may not be enough data.  While you can purchase extra data for .02 cents/MB when you’re on the free plan, there is another way to get more data without paying.

Connecting With Friends

When you sign up for the service they’ll give you the option to connect with friends and people you know, they call it Freedom Friends.  You can login to your email and have it check your contacts to see if anyone else you know is using the service as well. If they are, you can connect with them, and each of you will get an extra 10MB of data a month.  If people aren’t, you can invite them.

I’ve connected with a bunch of other people and get an extra 500MB of data every month because of it.

NOTE: Want to connect with me and get free data?  Send me an email through the contact page with your FreedomPop email, and I’ll send you an invite to connect and we can both get free data!

Completing Offers For Data

You can also get free data for your account by completing offers, taking surveys, downloading software and more on the FreedomPop site.   The offers range from pay for services like Netflix and, to free email newsletters and games. If you’re going to do this I suggest signing up for a free email account from Gmail or Hotmail to use on the offers.

I’ve gone in and actually completed enough of the free offers at this point to earn an extra 391MB of data for my first month on the service. So that means my first month I’ll have over 900MB of data for free!

earn more data

FreedomPop: A Great Way To Save On Wireless Bills

I’ve been using the FreedomPop service only for a short time, but so far I’ve been impressed. When I’m in a 4G area the speeds for both uploads and downloads are very good, and you can’t beat the price. Not only can you get 500MB of free data, but if you connect with friends and complete offers you can end up with tons of extra data every month.  Now that they’ve added 3G service as a backup for only $3.99/month, it’s even better.

Using their service can be a great way for people to cut back on their monthly wireless cell phone bills. Why pay for extra data with your plan when you can supplement your cell plan with FreedomPop?  Scale down to a cheaper plan, and use a hotspot for surfing while you’re on the go.  Better yet, get a pre-paid cell phone with no data, and use this as your data plan like I do!  Or you can buy a non-activated Android phone and use a free voice calls solution using Google Voice + GrooVeIP + free Wi-Fi and 4G data from FreedomPop ! It will end up saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run, possibly even in the short term if your plan is expensive enough!

Get More Details About FreedomPop – Click Here

Have you tried FreedomPop, or have questions about the service? Tell us in the comments!


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Last Edited: 24th March 2014

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  1. says

    I’ve had FreedomPop now for about a week (btw, email me and we can connect on FP for more data!). I am also finding holes in my service as I get close to home. It appears to be 4G *only* and will not pick up 3G. That’s fine, I just turn it off while at home (and even in the office) as I have WiFi in those locations. Really great to turn an old iPhone 3G without SIM card into a really useful device on the go. I also have a couple of old Android phones that are going to be without cell service. With google voice and GrooVe IP app, they become phones in the FreedomPop network. Pretty cool.

    • says

      I sent a Freedom Friend request to your email – sent it to both, not sure which you’re using.

      Yeah, since the hotspot is 4G only, that does mean no 3G service – which is something my Virgin hotspot had as a failover. That is a downside, but since most of the areas I use it in are 4G, it’s not a huge one.

      I’d like to hear more about how you use the GrooVe IP app to get the phone service. I’m sure it’s similar to what I’m doing through the linked page above, but would be interested to hear.

      • says

        Peter, We’re now connected.

        Sipdroid just looked too confusing to set up. GrooVe IP uses Google Talk to do the voip. You just log into your Google Account in the App, and you can make and receive calls.

        I have two 8 year old boys that would love to have a phone. I would not love to pay for them having a phone. We are getting free phones (no contract, really free phones) to replace our old Android phones, which will then be disabled on the cell network. We are going to give them to our boys. They can use them as phones anywhere there is WiFi, including FreedomPop.

  2. says

    This is great Peter. I will definitely check it out. This will allow me to take my data plan on Verizon down to the minimum. And it will be nice not to have to worry about finding a hot spot for my iPad or Laptop. There seems to be no reason not to get it.

  3. Evol Me says

    I wish I known about this before I sign up with sprint for two year contract. I have 4g and pay $70.00 a month. I wonder if it will be cheaper if I cancel? I may lose my deposit

  4. Steve says

    Bought this from freedompop directly. Charged $95.99. After purchasing I noticed the hidden charges in fine print and decided to return. Returned the unopened package. Refunded only $80.75. If anybody is looking for cheap internet for occasional use without any hidden charges and better coverage through Sprint network try ‘Internet on the go’ available through walmart.

    • says

      I’m not sure what hidden charges you’re referring to? I’ve been using FreedomPop for several months now and I’ve never paid more than the initial purchase price for the hotspot? Also, that “internet on the go” product you mention is still a pay-for service, with 1GB of data on a 30 day plan costing $10, versus free for me on FreedomPop after adding friends. That’s not going to blow the budget, but still not free like FreedomPop.

  5. Steve Garrett says

    Just got my Freedom Stick and it works fine. Lets both get some more data!
    Thanks for the review…..

  6. nancy silva says

    this thing i have 3 computers they wont work on nothing its slow as a mouse i need to send it back

  7. bob says

    Do they have a fee for not using the device for one month?
    Has anyone been charged ongoing fees for the basic free service?
    Do you get to keep your 10mb/friend every month, or just the month you connected with them? If you keep the extra Mb every subsequent month, what is the max?
    Any reviews for the freedompop EVO phone? Any 911 fees? Please review this phone service!

    • says

      I believe if you don’t use the device there is an inactivity fee of some sort. I haven’t been charged because I use my device every month. It’s all included in the terms when you sign up. I have not paid any ongoing fees for the free service. Only time I have paid is when I had a month where I used over my alloted free data amount. You get the 10MB per friend every month. I was able to get 500MB extra, for a total of 1GB data for free.

      I just did a basic review of the FreedomPop Freedom PHone this past week here: FreedomPop Phone.

      I’m still trying to see if I can get a review phone from FreedomPop as I know my readers would love to hear how the service works. Thanks!

  8. tina jacobs says

    What happens if you order this and I don’t work? Can I return for a full refund? Is there a trial period to make sure its going to work?

  9. Lou says

    I am thinking of getting freedompop spot 4g/3g mifi i live in maine do you know if reception is ok or not i know it is 3g and how much data per month

    • says

      I don’t have the MiFi myself, but if you go to the FreedomPop site and click on the “coverage” link at the bottom of the page, you can see what kind of coverage they have in your neck of the woods out in Maine. I believe the data plan will be the same 500MB free, and then paid plans from there. Good luck!

  10. Chris says

    500 mb is a very very small amount of data. That’s less than half a gigabyte. You wouldn’t be able to stream anything at all or you’d waste all that data is minutes. This does not seem suitable for a lot of peoples needs.

    • says

      I personally do not stream a lot of movies or video while I’m on the go. I usually do that when I’m at home on my regular wi-fi. So if you’re a high user of online video, it probably won’t be enough for you. They do have plans, however, that you can add additional data to your service if you need to. Also, don’t forget to get extra data by connecting with other users..

    • says

      I use it during my commute to offset data charges (since I’m mostly around wifi when not commuting). I’ve also referred enough people to get 1GB.

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