Senate OKs $700B bailout

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photo credit: Wolfgang Staudt A few days after the House rejected a similar $700 billion bailout plan, the Senate on Wednesday gave approval to a similar but slightly different bailout plan.  The new plan which now includes several other measures meant to sweeten the pot and bring some members who previously voted the plan down […]

Bankruptcy, Not Bailout?

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photo credit: kevindooley I have been reading a lot of opinions on whether or not a bailout measure is a good idea, and there are a lot of differing viewpoints on the subject.  Many are saying that if we don’t come up with a bailout package, that the economy will crash because of the lack […]

Dave Ramsey’s Solution to the Economic Crisis


Dave Ramsey has plenty to say about the current crisis, and what should be done about it. He has even put out a 3 step plan that he believes will resolve the crisis without having the taxpayers bailout financial companies to the tune of $700 billion dollars. You can download his plan here: Here is […]

We Live In Turbulent Times – Roundup

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photo credit: Shiny Things The last couple of weeks in the financial sector have been tough ones, with the markets going up and down (mostly down), rumors of bailout packages, legislation for said bailouts being voted down, lawmakers blaming each other for the plan’s failure and one of the largest drops in the markets in […]

House Defeats $700B Financial Markets Bailout

I was eating my lunch this afternoon when I saw something that surprised me. The $700 billion bailout package moving through congress was defeated by the house today. I can’t say I think the bailout package is a great idea, but I am surprised that it didn’t pass: The House on Monday defeated a $700 […]

$700 Billion Bailout Agreement Reached

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photo credit: Jeff Belmonte It sounds like congressional Democrats and Republicans have reached an agreement today on a possible bailout plan, that it is hoped will bolster our faltering economy.  From the AP: Warned that time was running short to bolster the distressed economy, congressional Republicans and Democrats reported agreement in principle Thursday on a […]

Using Coupons Can Cost You Money!

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This is an article written by The Happy Rock. The Happy Rock is a personal finance community that is dedicated to eliminating debt and improving themselves so that they are freed to focus on the things that are much more important than money. Please consider subscribing to The Happy Rock’s RSS feed or getting email […]