125 More People Personal Finance Junkies Should Follow On Twitter

Earlier this week in response to a post on twitip.com I posted a list of “10 People All Personal Finance Junkies Should Follow On Twitter“.  The idea was to let people know about some must follow twitter users in the personal finance blogosphere who consistently make useful twitters, both about personal finance and other topics.

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The response to that original post was surprisingly good, it was picked up on Stumbleupon, as well as some other social media.  Once word got out about the post other personal finance twitter users started adding their twitter IDs to the list, until this morning when the post reached 40 comments.

I thought that this morning I would do a follow up post that includes the Twitter IDs of all the personal finance junkies that came to the post, as well as a ton of other personal finance users that I follow on twitter.

The idea was to make this post the go-to resource if you’re getting started on twitter, and you’re interested in personal finance. Just follow all these people, and you’ll be off to a great start! In fact, you’d be off to a better start than I was a few months ago.

So without further ado, here are 125 more twitter using, personal finance junkies!  Update: Click here to view the new 250+ personal finance users twitter list!

125 more twitter using personal finance junkies

125 more personal finance twitter users, with my favorites in bold. (Favorites because I’ve twitted with them and know them!)

  1. http://twitter.com/ptmoney
  2. http://twitter.com/remodelthislife
  3. http://twitter.com/glblguy
  4. http://twitter.com/freefrombroke
  5. http://twitter.com/christianpf
  6. http://twitter.com/sensetosave
  7. http://twitter.com/MoneyNing
  8. http://twitter.com/MilkYourMoney
  9. http://twitter.com/paidtwice
  10. http://twitter.com/SmartyPig
  11. http://twitter.com/TheHappyRock
  12. http://twitter.com/FourPillars
  13. http://twitter.com/jnickles
  14. http://twitter.com/ThatOneCaveman
  15. http://twitter.com/marubozo
  16. http://twitter.com/ifeelgod
  17. http://twitter.com/mrsmicah
  18. http://twitter.com/hank_MiB
  19. http://twitter.com/bripblap
  20. http://twitter.com/Miss_Thrifty
  21. http://twitter.com/Finc_confluence
  22. http://twitter.com/ncheapskate
  23. http://twitter.com/moneymender
  24. http://twitter.com/RCThinkWealth
  25. http://twitter.com/Green_Panda
  26. http://twitter.com/nodebtplan
  27. http://twitter.com/sforzley
  28. http://twitter.com/ebillme
  29. http://twitter.com/Shayna
  30. http://twitter.com/budgetsaresexy
  31. http://twitter.com/Andys2i
  32. http://twitter.com/pfhacks
  33. http://twitter.com/MoneyWatch
  34. http://twitter.com/moneylovechangeb
  35. http://twitter.com/frugalbabe
  36. http://twitter.com/moneycoach
  37. http://twitter.com/PenelopePince
  38. http://twitter.com/squawkfox
  39. http://twitter.com/nomorespending
  40. http://twitter.com/MMarquit
  41. http://twitter.com/mytwodollars
  42. http://twitter.com/frugalinva
  43. http://twitter.com/aroundthesun
  44. http://twitter.com/cheapcheapcheap
  45. http://twitter.com/Kidscash
  46. http://twitter.com/bargainist
  47. http://twitter.com/BargainBanana
  48. http://twitter.com/mbhunter
  49. http://twitter.com/DebtDiva
  50. http://twitter.com/FredPeters
  51. http://twitter.com/taxtweet
  52. http://twitter.com/banker_girl
  53. http://twitter.com/elym
  54. http://twitter.com/L_buckets
  55. http://twitter.com/moneymanagement
  56. http://twitter.com/3princessesmomm
  57. http://twitter.com/JennFowler
  58. http://twitter.com/debtfreerev
  59. http://twitter.com/simplemom
  60. http://twitter.com/SunFinancial
  61. http://twitter.com/moolanomy
  62. http://twitter.com/MoneySmart
  63. http://twitter.com/GBlogger
  64. http://twitter.com/MatthewDP
  65. http://twitter.com/wisdomjournal
  66. http://twitter.com/moneywatch
  67. http://twitter.com/FrugalTrader
  68. http://twitter.com/MJTM
  69. http://twitter.com/BudgetPulse
  70. http://twitter.com/passiveincome
  71. http://twitter.com/TheMoneyHawk
  72. http://twitter.com/PennyCoach
  73. http://twitter.com/MsMoneySavvy
  74. http://twitter.com/prosperousfool
  75. http://twitter.com/loveGodnotmoney
  76. http://twitter.com/BudgetNerd
  77. http://twitter.com/framblings
  78. http://twitter.com/nickelsndimes
  79. http://twitter.com/LazyManAndMoney
  80. http://twitter.com/moneymonk
  81. http://twitter.com/Frugal_Frank
  82. http://twitter.com/brokegrad
  83. http://twitter.com/preciouspennies
  84. http://twitter.com/FinanceGirl
  85. http://twitter.com/debitvscredit
  86. http://twitter.com/RichChristian
  87. http://twitter.com/SingleGuyMoney
  88. http://twitter.com/ToughMoneyLove
  89. http://twitter.com/bargainbriana
  90. http://twitter.com/MoneySavingGuid
  91. http://twitter.com/centsiblesaving
  92. http://twitter.com/BoomerinthePew
  93. http://twitter.com/MsPennyPincher
  94. http://twitter.com/OneFrugalGirl
  95. http://twitter.com/WideOpenWallet
  96. http://twitter.com/FrugalJulie
  97. http://twitter.com/AlmostFrugal
  98. http://twitter.com/ChicShoppaChick
  99. http://twitter.com/gearedinvestor
  100. http://twitter.com/kingdomfirstmom
  101. http://twitter.com/FeedTheBull
  102. http://twitter.com/marty0518
  103. http://twitter.com/breakingeven
  104. http://twitter.com/debtrepreneur
  105. http://twitter.com/moneybluebook
  106. http://twitter.com/mydrblog
  107. http://twitter.com/CWRandall
  108. http://twitter.com/moneyconfession
  109. http://twitter.com/debtkid
  110. http://twitter.com/mommieswithcent
  111. http://twitter.com/saverqueen
  112. http://twitter.com/thewriterscoin
  113. http://twitter.com/daylatebuckshrt
  114. http://twitter.com/thepennymine
  115. http://twitter.com/creditgeek
  116. http://twitter.com/creditfreedom
  117. http://twitter.com/frugalfreebies
  118. http://twitter.com/ThriftyJinxy
  119. http://twitter.com/MomsWhoSave
  120. http://twitter.com/jasonmitchener (now a contributor to this site!)
  121. http://twitter.com/pennypinchingp
  122. http://twitter.com/thefrugalmomma
  123. http://twitter.com/CommnSenseMoney
  124. http://twitter.com/Debtwarriors
  125. http://twitter.com/BSimple
  126. http://twitter.com/jeffrosecfp
  127. http://twitter.com/ConnieBrooks
  128. http://twitter.com/cindys531
  129. http://twitter.com/judithstephens

As I mentioned in the other twitter post, if you’re not in the list and want to be included, just leave a comment below with your twitter ID and we’ll add you onto the list in a future update.  Thanks, and enjoy twittering!

Quick Twitter Tip:  To get a quick following, and a good user base, find someone who is interested in a topic you like, like personal finance.  Follow the people they follow. You’ll be able to get a nice number of twitter followers interested in the topics you’re interested in because many of the people you follow will follow you right back!

More twitter tips at freefrombroke.com


    Check out our new Personal Finance Twitter list that inclues all 125+ of the names above, plus another 125+!  Click here.

    Last Edited: 26th February 2011

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    1. says

      You’re on a roll. I’ve linked both of your FriendFeed lists into my compilation of the links posted at TwiTips.

      Are you interested in more publicity? I’d love to see your entry in the FriendFeed Favorite Friends Challenge. I’ve used the URL for this comment.

      I’m personally inviting anyone who has posted their list at TwiTips and anyone who shares the challenge at FriendFeed. I hope you’ll jump in.

      Internet Strategists last blog post..Get Your Link Love Here – We LOVE Visitors Who Drop RELATED Links in Our Posts

    2. says

      I’ve arrived, as I’m being referenced in a post of a big time player in the PF blogosphere! And while I’m certain the numbering is arbitrary, I can’t help but blush a little at being #21.

      Many thanks,


    3. says

      Great list. I follow a lot of these people already. I would like to be considered for the list. I blog about personal finance. My blog is geared towards baby boomers and retirees but I believe that younger generations would also find value in my blog. Thank you for considering me. My twitter name is: wrpeiffer
      William Peiffer´s last post ..The Lost Secret of Planning

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