Non-Frugal Spending: I Bought A GPS

I have a confession to make.

I spent a large sum of money on something I didn’t need this week.

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I bought a brand new Mio Moov 200 automotive GPS.

I know I didn’t need this GPS, but I really wanted it. I’ve been holding off on getting one for a couple of years now because I knew I couldn’t justify the expense. I just don’t NEED it.

I haven’t really spent any large sum of money on something for quite a long time, not since we upgraded our TV two years ago. When you don’t buy a lot of things it can be easy to fall into the trap of telling yourself that you deserve it, and that it isn’t that much money. If you want it, and it will make you happy – just go ahead and buy it!

Until now I’d been good, and was able to hold off on spending the money for a new GPS. Then this past week I got about $150 in birthday money. I decided to give in, and get the GPS. After all, if you can’t splurge every once in a great while, it can be hard to stay motivated to save. We’ve done well with saving this year, and I’m not buying the GPS on credit. I’m paying cash.

So far I’ve taken the GPS on one 30 mile car trip, and it works like a charm. It speaks the directions out loud, and tells you when to turn. It even speaks the street names you’re supposed to turn on. It has had a few funny sounding mispronunciations, however.

This weekend we’re going to be driving to the Wisconsin Dells, so I’ll be able to give this thing a full workout. If I’m duly impressed I’ll come back here and give a full review next week.

So what are some non-frugal splurges that you’ve had this year? Did you pay cash? Have you been good about saving otherwise? Leave a note in the comments about your last non-necessary and non-frugal expense.

Last Edited: 4th April 2014

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