Discount Online Brokerages And Mutual Fund Companies

There are quite a few places nowadays that you can open a brokerage or retirement account online.   Most of them are going to be great options, and since they are online – most of them will have reasonable fees and commissions.   Here in this table is a quick look at some of the more popular account options, and the fees and commissions you can expect with each.

 Account MinimumMutual Fund CommissionStock CommissionAnnual IRA FeeReview
BettermentnoneIncluded in 0.15-0.35% annual fee.Included in 0.15-0.35% annual fee.noneBetterment Review
Wealthfront$500Included in fees. FREE up to $10,000. 0.25% annual fee for balances over $10,000.Included in fees. FREE up to $10,000. 0.25% annual fee for balances over $10,000.none
TD Ameritradenone$0$9.99noneTD Ameritrade Review
Loyal3none$0n/aLoyal3 Review
Kapitall Generationnone$7.95noneKapitall Review
EtradenoneUp to $19.99$9.99none
Motif Investingnone$9.95 (per motif/bundle of stocks)Motif Investing Review
ShareBuilder by Capital Onenone$19.95$6.95 ($4 If Auto Invest)noneShareBuilder Review
optionsXpressnone$9.95$9.95noneoptionsXpress Review
Scottrade$500$17$7.00noneScottrade Review
TradeKingnone$14.95$4.95noneTradeKing Review
OptionsHouse$1,000$9.95$2.95noneOptionsHouse Review

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