Discount Online Brokerages And Mutual Fund Companies

There are quite a few places nowadays that you can open a brokerage or retirement account online.   Most of them are going to be great options, and since they are online – most of them will have reasonable fees and commissions.   Here in this table is a quick look at some of the more popular account options, and the fees and commissions you can expect with each.

Account Minimum
Mutual Fund Commission
Stock Commission
Annual IRA Fee
BettermentnoneIncluded in 0.15-0.35% annual fee.Included in 0.15-0.35% annual fee.noneBetterment Review
TD Ameritradenone$0$9.99noneTD Ameritrade Review
Loyal3none$0n/aLoyal3 Review
Kapitall Generationnone$7.95noneKapitall Review
EtradenoneUp to $19.99$9.99none
Motif Investingnone$9.95 (per motif/bundle of stocks)Motif Investing Review
ShareBuilder by Capital Onenone$19.95$6.95 ($4 If Auto Invest)noneShareBuilder Review
optionsXpressnone$9.95$9.95noneoptionsXpress Review
Scottrade$500$17$7.00noneScottrade Review
TradeKingnone$14.95$4.95noneTradeKing Review
OptionsHouse$1,000$9.95$2.95noneOptionsHouse Review

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