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March Madness – Help Me Win!


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A week ago I asked for everyone to vote for me in round 3 the Free Money Finance March Madness competition.   Thanks to your votes I made it through to the Elite Eight of Free Money Finance’s March Madness.   That means if I win in this round starting today – I’ll win at least $100 for my charity!

Round 4, or the Elite Eight, launched today! If you feel so inclined, please head on over to Free Money Finance and vote for me today.  Vote for my article, 10 Things I Have Learned About Money (Learned) in the comments.

In case you’re interested, I’m playing in this game so that I can win money for my charity, Second Harvest Heartland. Second Harvest is a great organization, and for each $1 donated, Second Harvest Heartland will distribute more than $9 worth of grocery products to those in need in our communities. First place in the contest means $500 donated to the charity of the winner’s choice, all the way down to $100 for fourth place.

That means a win for this blog in this round would help donate at least $900 worth of groceries to needy families! Help me make that happen! Vote now!

If you want some more good reading, check out the Carnival of Debt Reduction No. 185: The Charles Dickens Debtor’s Prison Edition, launched today. Lots of great articles, including one of mine!

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Last Edited: 1st April 2009

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