Time To Set Goals For The New Year: Why Goals Are Important

The new year is here, and with the new year come new goals of things that we hope to accomplish during the coming months.  Things like losing weight and becoming more fit.  Things related to our spiritual life. Things related to our finances, and how we’d like to increase our income.  Blog related goals.   In fact, the more I think about it, I  have a LOT of goals I’d like to accomplish in this coming year, and I feel like the sky is the limit!  Goals are important, so remember to pray about it, and God will direct your path.

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

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Setting Goals

Setting goals allows you to have something to work towards, a concrete number and time frame in order to get those competitive juices flowing.  Goals are like dreams that you’re working towards achieving. The difference is that with a goal, you give yourself a deadline, a set time frame within which you’d like to accomplish that goal.  Dreams don’t necessarily have a deadline and because of that aren’t always quite as powerful or motivating.

So what can you do to get yourself moving towards a goal this year?

  • Make reasonable goals: Make goals that are achievable, and specific enough to be motivating.  For example, instead of just saying that you’d like to lose weight, make  a specific goal of losing 40 pounds by July 1st.    Make goals that are achievable, but not unreasonable.  losing 40 pounds in 6 months is do-able, but losing 150 pounds might not be.
  • Write down your goals:  Write down your goals so that they’re concrete and stick in your mind.  Goals that aren’t written down have a way of disappearing into the ether.  Write a blog post, or start keeping a journal to help you remember what your goals are.
  • Share your goals with others to keep you accountable: Talk to your spouse or close loved one about the goals you’ve set for yourself, and share your successes and failures in achieving them during the year.  They can help you to stay on track, get back on track, and encourage you when you’re having a tough day.   Just like writing your goals down, sharing your goals with others can have a way of cementing the goals in your head.
  • Develop a plan to achieve the goals: Once you’ve determined what your goals are, put together a plan to achieve the goals.  Remember, a failure to plan means you’re planning to fail.   If you’re trying to lose weight, put together a schedule for working out and a healthier eating plan.
  • Review your goals at regular intervals: Take time every once in a while to review your goals, and see what kind of progress you’re making.    It can be very motivating to see yourself moving slowly but surely towards achieving your goals.   If you don’t review the goals regularly, however, you may never get the chance to see yourself achieving them – as the progress can be made in small increments and won’t necessarily be very noticeable.
  • Be flexible:  If life gets in the way of one of your goals and makes it unachievable, be flexible enough to know when you’ve got to set a new goal.   Set that new goal and start working towards making that one a reality!

My Goals For This Year

So here we go, I’m about to list some of my goals for 2009. Im writing them down, so now they’ll be real. Scary.. here we go:

  • Read more:  I would like to read more books than I have been lately.  I’d like to set a goal of reading at least 1 book every month. Reading blogs doesn’t count!  Also would like to get on course to complete a daily bible study on my own, as well as joining a men’s bible study through my church.
  • Blog goals: I’d like to continue to grow this blog, and turn it into a nice second income.  This year I’d like to increase the RSS subscriber base to 2000 readers, as well as increasing to 750 email readers. (thanks to those of you who subscribe already!) I’d also like to continue to grow the income from this blog.  It’s already more than I ever thought I could make from this,  but I’d like to continue to grow the income to the point where it equals or exceeds the income from my day job.  This year, however, I’d like to double the revenue I’m making from it currently.  That’s a steep goal, but one I think I could achieve with lots of hard work.  You can subscribe to this blog here!
  • Re-save our 3-6 months of expenses fund: We had 6 months of expenses saved up, but then had to use some of it to buy my new car when my old one started dying.  We should be able to replenish this in a few months.  Then we can get back to saving 15-20% of our income, and paying extra on our mortgage.
  • Give more:  I’d like to give a lot more of what we’re making this year. I’ve realized this past year just how blessed we are, and I’d like to give back.  Income from this blog and other sources have allowed us to give more than ever last year, and this year I think we could do even more.  This year I want to increase our giving by 5-10%.

So there are a few of the goals I have for 2009.  What goals have you set for yourself this year?  Do you expect to reach those goals?

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Last Edited: 10th February 2014

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  1. says

    I agree that goals are important. They give us something to work toward. You have some great goals. I have some personal finance goals for the New Year: Refinancing the house, saving up for a year, rebuilding the emergency fund.

    My personal goal for this year, though, is to learn to play the guitar. I’m very excited about this.

    Mirandas last blog post..Ask the Piggy Bank: Credit Card v. CD

  2. says

    You and I have similar goals for 2009. It is good to see someone who desires to give more. I look forward to tracking your progress! Quick question, how did you get so many subscribers? Very impressive. I get about 50 visitors a day to my blog, but only have a few subscribers…any suggestions.
    Thanks much!

    • says

      I got subscribers I think by constantly pushing people to subscribe, doing contests, writing constantly and promoting the site through blog carnivals, guest posts, etc. That’s the short answer i guess.

  3. says

    I like your goals – I set a similar one about reading books more frequently… I like reading, it is just always a struggle to sit down just to read with everything else going on! And I think you are going to easily meet your blog income and subscriber goals in 2009 – mark my words, check this post on Jan 02, 2010 ;)

    ChristianPFs last blog post..5 Giveaways – The Shortest Investment book ever

    • says

      Yeah, i love reading too, I’ve just found myself extremely busy this year, and haven’t made the time. I hope you’re right about the subscriber and income goals – it would be nice! Speaking of which, I should get working on another post!

  4. says

    My big goal for 2009 is to begin a family. My wife is 22 years old and has a terrible case of baby fever. Along with that we’ll be paying off her student loan debt, and repainting the house. I’m hoping to accomplish all of my goals this year. I just missed one from last year.

  5. carmen says

    I would very much like to “complete a daily Bible study on my own” also. Where do you find these courses, apart from church? I would like to do this because sometimes I have a lot of time and sometimes none at all. I want to be very focused on this. Thanks

    • says

      If you do a search on google I’m sure you’ll find quite a few of them. One that I like doing is on the Ipod – its a daily audio bible study where the guy reads from the Bible every day for a year, adding commentary etc. Very powerful.

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