The Downside Of Facebook: Facebook Envy


Facebook is a great tool to keep up with family and friends, share pictures of your kids, ask for advice, keep others posted about what is happening in your life and learn what is happening in other people’s lives.  I have some friends from college that I don’t talk to regularly, but I know what […]

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Spending


Spending money is a necessary part of life that requires diligent planning and serious discipline. You may have also realized it’s really fun. Many of us, often without realizing it, allow our spending habits grow out of control and wreak havoc on our bank accounts. The following are the Seven Deadly Sins of Spending we […]

Where Is All My Money Going?!?!


At some point in our lives I think we ask this question. Where did all of our money go? What in the world could we have spent it on? We should have plenty left over at the end of the month! Discovering the root of overspending can be a difficult endeavor. After all, we’re busy […]

Do You Really Have To Sacrifice To Get Out Of Debt?


In my experience, people who get out of debt do so primarily through hard work, sacrifice, and persistence. In fact, I think the road to the debt free life is built by the hands of sacrifice. Why Must You Sacrifice To Get Out of Debt? Since sacrifice involves giving up something, I’m going to say […]

Avoid The Pressure To Spend


Have you ever felt like you were pressured into spending money?  Deep down you really knew you didn’t have the money to spend, but because of the situation, people around you or other factors, you ended up spending anyway. For those who are conscious spenders you know when one of these occasions is about to […]

How To Deal with Out of Control Spending


“Where does all my money go?”  “Why isn’t there any money left at the end of the month?”  “I can’t pay all my bills every month.”  If one of these phrases describes you, you probably have a problem with spending.  Quite simply, your spending is out of control.  People spend money for different reasons.  If […]