Making Extra Money In Your Free Time With Cash Crate: A Review Of The Service One Year In

About a year ago I wrote a post detailing how I was making some extra money for our household by using the “Get Paid To” website called Cash Crate. Today I decided to write a quick update to let everyone know how Cash Crate has gone for me the last year.

What Is Cash Crate?

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First things first, before I get too far, what is Cash Crate? Cash Crate is a “Get Paid To” website where you get paid cash to complete surveys, join free websites, sign up for free trial offers, refer other users and more. In other words, you’re getting paid to do stuff! If you have a little bit of free time, and have a blog where you can promote the service, it can lead to a nice little bit of extra income every month. To find out details about how to use the service, read my post “Guide To Making Money Using Cash Crate“.

My Cash Crate Earnings

When I originally signed up for the service, I was skeptical that I would  make any real money with the service.  So the question is, how much money can you make legitimately?

Over the past 14 months I’ve filled out surveys, signed up for free trials with netflix and other sites, and most importantly referred others to use the site. Over those 14 months I’ve made an average of $124.63/month (and yes, they do actually send you a check – it isn’t a scam):

July 2008: $27.64
August 2008: $82.69
September 2008 $76.04
October 2008 $114.53
November 2008 $178.54
December 2008 $92.08
January 2009 $85.11
February 2009 $454.15
March 2009 $118.94
April 2009 $76.39
May 2009 $74.56
June 2009 $71.64
July 2009 $69.51
August 2009 $104.51
September 2009 $118.50
Total: $1744.83

So over the past year or so I’ve made almost $1750 dollars using Cash Crate!  That’s nothing to sneeze at!

When you look at my numbers you see that the amount you make every month can fluctuate immensely, depending upon how many surveys and offers you fill out, how heavily you promote the site, and how many offers your referrals fill out.  I had a really good couple of months earlier this year where I referred a lot of users, and a couple of my referrals especially made  a lot of money (which means I made a lot of money). My results in those months is not typical.

Cash Crate is only one of a whole host of “Get Paid To” websites, but in my opinion is one of the better ones out there.   After using it now for a year I can honestly say that it isn’t a scam, and that if you do it right, you can make a nice little bit of extra income to add to your bottom line every month.

It should be noted that if you do sign up for the service, you should make sure to sign up for a hotmail, gmail or other free email account to use when signing up for offers. You will be getting a ton of email when signing up for offers/etc, and probably don’t want to use your regular email to do it.  For a step by step guide to using Cash Crate, go here.

To try out Cash Crate, sign up  here (through my referral link of course!).

Last Edited: 10th February 2014

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  1. says

    OK Pete, I’ll sign up and give it a try. Tell me though, I’m seeing that oodles of these require you to sign up and try something at your own expense–I even saw that some of the best “paying” surveys are actually credit card applications. Yikes! How much time on average do you spend on this each month? In your opinion, is it worth it?
    Jessica W´s last post ..Financially Preparing for Disaster?

    • says

      I always do the free offers, so it doesn’t cost me anything, however, the more referrals that you get the less offers you have to do to get decent income from it.

      I’m at the point now where I’ve gotten enough referrals that I don’t need to fill out hardly any offers each month. In fact, the last few months I haven’t filled out any at all.

      If you have a blog, and are able to promote Cash Crate, that is one of the best ways to start earning income. I would push your energies towards that. Otherwise – sign up for a free email address you can use, and start doing the free offers. I wouldn’t go signing up for anything you have to pay for as there are plenty of free offers to be had in the system.

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