Financial Stewardship: The Forgotten Component

Most of us Christian personal finance bloggers will often remind you have the importance of good financial stewardship. Most readers know that financial stewardship requires knowing God is the owner of all things, including money. God requires us to manage resources wisely for His Godly purpose for our lives.

Forgotten Component Of Financial Stewardship

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But on a recent Crown Money Life radio program, Chuck Bentley (CEO of Crown) pointed out an often forgotten, but important component of financial stewardship. We often look at financial stewardship in two parts: earning money and managing money.

Well, Americans do a pretty good job of earning. America is a hard working industrialized country. And people who are learning Biblical principles about money are also growing in their ability to managing money through giving, saving , spending wisely and paying off debt.

But, why do we make this financial journey of earning and managing ? Is it so that we can one day become debt free and have a free life to do as we please? Well, o f course not. Chuck tells us the often lost component of financial stewardship is fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives.

It’s such a powerful and importation question: what is God’s purpose for my life? I love the way Chuck puts it in that God has put us in this body and on this earth to fulfill some purpose for Him.

Wow! So, we’re all here on a mission. I’ve recognized that as a Christian and especially as I’ve grown in my faith, but I’m not sure I’m doing everything I can to point myself in that Godly direction. How about you?

Know God’s Purpose

I suppose recognizing your purpose is the first step. God expects us to fulfill the earning and management components of financial stewardship so that we can give more of our time and resources to God’s plan, but also in helping others. I think that’s one reason why I love the Crown Money Map .

The final destination on the Money Map is reaching true financial freedom: having the ability to give more of your time and resources. As an aside, I’ve tried to focus One Money Design on helping people achieve this true financial freedom which Crown shows us on the Money Map.

Chuck provided a number of great practical ideas to help people identify and fulfill God’s purpose for our lives through financial stewardship .

Practical steps

  • Set life style goals based on your life purpose . Whatever you determine God expects you to do with your financial freedom, make sure you are setting your current spiritual, physical, financial goals in that direction.
  • Balance work with time for healthy relationships . If we don’t have balanced lives, we can’t give important areas focus such as our family relationships, managing financial matters and growing relationships with others.
  • Grow in spiritual disciplines . Certainly, spending time in God’s word is important because this is how God speaks to us. Among other ways God speaks to us are through prayer and through relationships with other Christian brothers and sisters. Spending time with God will provide us direction for our lives.
  • Invest in children . We shouldn’t forget out children and modeling positive behavior for them. Chuck says this includes setting an example of Godly wisdom.
  • Seek Godly or Christian counsel . Finally, as I mentioned above, God speaks to us through other Christian brothers and sisters. Being open to a Christian financial counselor or Christian friend helping in certain situations (financial or other) can help provide Godly direction and guidance in our lives.

How to take action – my example

Practical steps are great to have. There are a lot of excellent practical financial tips and spiritual growth tips available. Chuck certainly provided some here. But, what are these tips without taking real action upon them.

How do we change to make sure this often forgotten component of financial stewardship isn’t forgotten? The best thing to do is to identify a few of these areas in which you’re not doing so great a job with and develop some real actionable goals.

Let’s take balancing work with time for healthy relationships as an example. If you’re used to working hard, perhaps with your day job, or even in blogging, set some real boundaries for yourself.

With a more balanced life we can be more productive and be available for those who are in need. Because of this, I’m determined to not let my day job or even blogging impact my relationships with loved ones. So, as my goal, I’m limiting my time for both. If it can’t all get done within this limited time, I’m determined to trust God with the outcome because I know he desires balance for my life.

What about you? What do you think of this lost component of financial stewardship? Do you plan to put Chuck’s practical tips into real actionable goals for yourself?

Last Edited: 6th April 2010

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  1. says

    I think the most important component is planning.

    Obviously, it is important to get out of debt. However, factoring in stewardship to the Lord should not be forgotten.

    Should someone be donating any particular percentage of the income ifthe yare hopelessly in debt and can’t pay their minimums?

    I doubt it.

    But soon doon the path to financial stability, our obligation to the Lord should not be forgotten.

  2. says

    This is great advice Jason. It’s no fun to achieve success only to have no one to share it with because you didn’t practice balance. I admit that sometimes my balance falls out of line, but that’s where the Holy Spirit comes in to provide give me that little reminder to get back on track. It’s a constant work in progress.

  3. says

    My personal financial goals are to get out of debt for the following reasons:

    1. I am not a drag on everyone else. (Taking care of my own family)
    2. I can help others (By giving).
    3. I can have more children (and bring them up in a Godly way).
    4. I will have more time later in life to devote to furthering God’s kingdom.

    The time I spend now is preparing me for the larger plan God has for my life.

    Great article! Thanks for sharing.

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