Devotional: Bread for Today

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Give us today our daily bread. – Matthew 6:11

One day the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. He then taught them what we now know as the Lord’s Prayer.

Many who have grown up in church have heard the Lord’s Prayer so many times that it has lost its meaning. They rattle off the words and give a quick amen without even thinking about what they prayed.

In less than a hundred words, Jesus gives us a beautifully simple prayer that covers everything from the heavenly to the earthly. It deals with temptation, forgiveness, the sanctity of God’s name, and the will of God.

The Lord’s Prayer also speaks about bread. But not just any bread. Jesus prayed, “Give us today our daily bread.”

Some would argue that the bread Jesus talked about here is the Word of God. I don’t disagree with that. We do need to pray that God would help us to read His Word daily. But I think Jesus means much more in this short sentence. Jesus also spoke of literal bread. God desires us to pray for our daily physical needs.

We need to remember how Jesus prayed for bread. He prayed, “Give us today our daily bread.” Today’s bread for today.

We don’t want yesterday’s stale bread. Or do we? Some of us focus too much on the past. What we could have accomplished if we had just made different choices. What we would have spent our money on if we had just saved more. What we should have said instead of what came out of our mouths. Could have. Would have. Should have. Does it really matter? We can’t change the past. Why focus on it?

“Give us today our daily bread.” Today’s bread for today.

We don’t want tomorrow’s bread. We haven’t even baked tomorrow’s bread. Or have we? Are we spending so much time worrying about the possible troubles of the future that we neglect the joys of today? Do we worry about whether we have food to put on the table next month? Or next year?

“Give us today our daily bread.” Today’s bread for today. Not yesterday’s stale bread. Not tomorrow’s unbaked bread. But today’s fresh bread!

– Jason Mitchener is an author, artist, songwriter, and speaker from Phoenix, Arizona. You can find out more about him at or visit his blog on personal development at You can also follow him on Twitter at @jasonmitchener.

Last Edited: 6th June 2010

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  1. says

    Great reminder! Thanks so much.
    I was in Latvia when the Soviet Union collapsed.
    I noticed people would stand in line for hours for a loaf of bread…every day. Why? They had no access to preservatives. Bread had to be eaten the day it was baked or it wasn’t good. “Daily”…is an important reminder.

    Have a blessed Christmas!

    Eddie Smith

  2. Pokinatcha says

    Thanks for having Jason’s devotionals on here. I have been truly been blessed by reading them.
    I liked Jason’s insight of the Lord’s Prayer. In today’s society we don’t seem to need to ask the Lord to provide for our “daily” needs.

  3. Melinda (Aussie-Girl) says

    My little Playgroupers (2-3 year olds) kneel on the floor with their Mums & Nanas and recite (o-so-be-yoo-tifully) The Lord’s Prayer.

    It is very, very special especially when the follow it with a sung version of ‘Hail Mary’.

    There is something very touching about Children’s Devotion – their joy, innocence, exuberance.

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