Do You Really NEED it? Or Just Want It?


Do We Really Need That? A while back my wife and I were talking about how we needed to get a new TV in our bedroom. It was 2009, and with the digital switchover happening that year, we had two options to consider. First we could buy a digital to analog converter box for about […]

Thoughts On Escaping The Middle Class


I‘ve been thinking about financial survival a great deal lately. I’ve been asking questions such as how one party gains a financial advantage over another. How is it that the middle class has grown to be so large? It’s like a bell curve, with the middle class at the center with the most population while […]

3 Important Financial Lessons That Changed My Life


Principles. They’re what financial planners depend on in order to offer wise counsel. Sometimes principles are simple and straightforward. Other times, they’re a bit more complex. Some principles need to be modified, others are timeless. What are some timeless principles that we need to be reminded of every so often? This is a collection of […]

Financial Prioritization: How To Know What’s Important


“Build your emergency fund.” “Invest in retirement.” “Pay off your debt.” The more I write about personal finance, the greater the complexities I discover when it comes to prioritization. For those just starting on the path to a healthier financial future, Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps might just be the ticket. But over the course […]

Overcoming Financial Stress


If you’re like me, you’ve already started to feel the pressure of the increased expenses that come during the end of the year.  Things like higher utilities, holiday spending, and end of the year tax prep can really put the pressure on your finances. At the end of last month, I sat down with my […]

The Power Of Debt


This is an article from Debt Kid. He lost of $250,000 trading stocks, options, and currencies as a young 20-something. He’s been blogging since 2007 about his journey to get out of debt. When I originally set out to write this piece on debt, it was titled, “The Soul Crushing Power of Debt”. But the […]

When Is Enough… Enough?


First off I want to thank Peter for having me on his blog as a guest writer. I wanted to try and tackle a tough question for everyone and I am glad he gave me the opportunity. After reading Peter’s article on Dave Ramsey’s New House I started to dive into the comments, post a […]