In The Event Of An Emergency Series: Planning Ahead For Life’s Emergencies

I recently published a series of articles on the topic of emergency preparation and titled it, “In The Event Of An Emergency“.  The series is devoted to the topic of planning ahead for life’s little (and big) emergencies that we all know will come our way.

The series covered topics ranging from making sure you have insurance coverage and an emergency fund, to making sure your family is provided for in case the worst case scenario happens.

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Planning ahead for emergencies

Today I thought I would do a quick recap of the posts and bring all the articles together in one spot.   So without further ado, here they are:

In The Event Of An Emergency


Something that I’ve taken away from writing this series is that we all go through hard times, things that were unexpected or unplanned for.  While we can’t keep ourselves from experiencing all of the pain associated with these events, we can plan ahead and minimize the impact.  A medical problem can go from being a bankruptable life event, to a bump in the road.    A fire in your home can go from being life changing to just putting your life on hold.

The point I’d like to get across in this series is that while we can’t always avoid life’s little emergencies, we can still plan ahead for them, and put ourselves in the best possible position to avoid having them become more than they need to be.

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Last Edited: 25th September 2012

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    Exactly….. I think you’ve already got my link to my article on why it might be good to have four emergency funds… The Almost Millionaire also pointed out that then you can also invest them differently, according to your need for them.

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