How Having Strong Faith Can Give You Financial Strength

I hope everyone is persevering with lent and fighting off temptation in all its enticing forms. Lent is probably the best time, for us as Christians, to reflect on our faith and how it has strengthened us; through past, present and future trials.

Recently, I had been trying to pin exactly where my new-found respect and responsibility with my money had come from – one of the reasons why I started my blog. Having searched my soul for some time, I finally figured it out – my faith.

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Wanting And Needing

Without faith; temptation will guide you – like a siren guides a wary ship astray – into false pleasantries and disaster.

Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. – Matthew 26:41

Matthew 26:41 is something, which translates into our modern way of living, by being able to reflect on how temptation has changed for us socially, financially and spiritually will allow us to have a better awareness when making important decisions for our future – with particular regard to our finances.

chocolateThe principles of temptation are based on wanting something we don’t need as an essential for every day living; things like food, water and a roof over your head. Nevertheless, our current day approach to temptation – especially in the form of luxury items – has changed over time; we now struggle between making the distinction between wanting and needing something – this paradigm shift has been inflicted upon us by our consumerist culture; If we change the way we view our possessions and begin to realize the worth of every item that we already own, we will no longer have the urge to want more than we actually need. Is it ever a good idea to dip into a savings account to take a vacation because you are feeling blue?

I believe that God does give us what we ask for; just not on the silver platter we envisage. Instead of gifting us our prayers, he gives us the opportunity to get to what we want; if we want to take a holiday, we have the means to work longer hours at work to save some extra cash, but it’s very tempting to dip into your savings and get going as soon as you can.

How Faith Can Help

Excess is a dangerous mistress; her allure will lead you down the path of becoming ever expectant and reliant on constant luxuries and treats

I’m not saying you can’t have the things you enjoy – but always try and think of the better uses your money can have. Our modern way of living doesn’t want us to think about this – where everything that previously would have been a well thought-out choice, is met now, with the constant ‘why not’ of society.

Don’t dismay though; your faith can arm you with the decisiveness to differentiate between your wants and needs; giving you the confidence to make an affirmed decision that will positively impact your financial and personal life. This will always be a gradual process and may only start out on a frugal scale for you. Over time, your financial senses will become attuned to your faith and you will learn how to make better choices for yourself and your family – sometimes saying no to a glass of wine is a good thing. If you become accustomed to having a glass of wine with friends on the weekend; it’s normally fine, but if your friends are like mine; is it only going to ever be, just one glass? Try to think ahead with your costs to avoid these mini-pitfalls that add up over time!

Excess is a dangerous mistress; her allure will lead you down the path of becoming ever expectant and reliant on constant luxuries and treats – so be sure when you do want a glass of wine that it’s a genuine treat and not a regular occurrence – something that regularly has an affect on your budget is not a good thing!

Why Faith Is Important To Become Financially And Spiritually Stronger

Everyone will always want more money, to be out of debt and have better living conditions; these are perfectly reasonable desires if you remember to ask yourself one important question; do we truly need these things?

Finding contentment in what you already have, and in your faith is the most powerful affirmation of your faith and financial responsibility and will lead you to become happier with what little you already have.

Taking this first step and finding happiness through your faith will bring you to the realization that you’ve actually always had everything you wanted.

Last Edited: 2nd March 2013

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