Are We Going To Get Another Stimulus Rebate Check?

I was reading the news this morning when I came across this little news item talking about some of Barack Obama’s campaign promises he made yesterday:

Barack Obama spoke directly to pocketbook issues in this capital city Monday, hitting Republican John McCain hard as he outlined an economic plan that would include a second stimulus check tax breaks for seniors and the middle class, and debt relief for students.

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Now I’m not one to turn down a check if they’re going to be sending it my way anyway, but where exactly is this money coming from? Could it be that in addition to a second stimulus rebate check we’ll also be receiving higher taxes?

Another article in Time magazine talks further about Obama’s plans:

he and his advisers are reciting the details of his three big short-term priorities: a new $50 billion stimulus program, much of it routed into extending unemployment insurance beyond the current 26-week limit and helping struggling state governments; a more aggressive foreclosure-prevention effort, with $10 billion in funding; and a tax cut for Americans making less than $150,000 a year — to be financed with tax increases on those making more than $150,000 a year.

Personally I’d rather just see a cut in my taxes, and just keep some more of the money that I earn from the outset.

What’s your opinion of a second round of stimulus rebate checks?

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Obama’s plan: Tax breaks, another stimulus check

Last Edited: 11th February 2014

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  1. labri mendoza says

    well for us are considerd low class its not fair. What, are only the middle class and up going to vote, becuase thats what it seems like obama is trying to do, to get them to vote for him.
    Im not saying this to try to get more money, I dont care wouldnt mind because I need it but Im not to worry about it. It just doesnt make any sence because middle class already have more money then us low class why do they need any more.

    • e garza says

      middle class also gets taxed higher than the “lower” class, besides a significant amount of money was spent by us “midddle” class on education to make more money than others for a decent living, while others have millions from movies or sports then does not get taxed at all, so now that because of our income, its fair to get taxed more when we have extra bills from student loans to pay back as well, it cyclical in nature, the more overtime we work for extra money to pay off extra debts, the more money gets taken out and the higher our taxes are to pay!

    • mike says

      I just want to say that the MIDDLE class NEED the breaks, I have many friends who are under 35k a year, they dont pay a dime in taxes plus get thousands back. I OWE I only made 41k for a family of 3 just over the concidered poverty level I paied almost 3k in taxes and still owe, while the low class pay NOTHING and get money back thats not right. Also these friends get food stamps, Free medical insurance, Free child care, and only having to pay a small portion of their rent. I am paying for my food. Hamburger helper, macaroni etc while they are buying steak with their food stamps. I am paying a fortune in medical insurance. and We can not afford child care. So only one of us can work. Where is the justice in that????? NO MORE for the middle class. Sure give them food stamps, medical, and child care. BUT quit giving them MY TAXES I can not afford to keep paying. Give me my taxes free and stop giving them money they never paid. No offence to those in the lower class. But the middle class is struggling in many cases worse than you. I cant get free rent, I cant get food stamps, I cant get free medical, I cant get energy assistance. I dont get that nice big check at tax time every year. Sure some circumstances are different for everyone. But I am struggling, and it just upsets me when someone at food-4-less is buing steak on their food stamps, then go get in their nice cadillac escalade. Dont count the middle class out, we are not sitting pretty like everyone thinks. The wealthy and the low class have it made. I know many low income people that will only work enought to just stay under the line so they can keep all their freebies (rent,Food stamps, Taxes, etc)
      Sorry dont mean to vent, but it just upsets me when people say that we dont need to give the middle class anything, when low class is (suffering) I should start (suffering) like that

      • nancy says

        OMG!!! You took the words out of my mouth. I was just telling one of my co-workers how the middle class are really going through it. The low class are getting all the government assistance and the rich is just getting richer. We are paying to take care of the lower class and the rich are making money off of us. Its a disgrace. I get up everyday mon-fri and put in my 40 hrs only to eat like a poor person because I don’t qualify for any type of assitance. And I only made 31k last year. This is horrible. Where is the justice.

  2. Bridget Bell says

    I think we deserve another stimulus rebate. We have been struggling for a long time and its time for a change. There are not enough in Mississippi,and people are umemployed included myself. It would be a blessing if we could receive another rebate before Christmas. I won’t my kids to be able to enjoy there self on Christmas Day.

    • Lisa says

      I agree…quite honestly, without this…..I may not be able to give my children a very good Christmas (or quality of life)….we are struggling as it is (I am a single-mother of 3). It’s difficult to buy food, clothing, etc. This check would help my family tremendously.

  3. Wendy says

    Well, as far as income my family is considered Middle class, but that does not mean we have more money in all cases. We have to pay in way more taxes, do not qualify for earned income credit, and cant get any free health or dental care, or free school lunches for our children……..Without getting free lunches for our children, we do not qualify for the free after school tutoring program that the school has to offer…………….I am starting to wonder why I work so hard, and am not able to get ahead? I hope a check comes to me.

  4. Jesseca says

    I think that we need another rebate, I do taxes for a living and the fact of the matter is that you get a credit on your taxes for recieving a rebate. I think that there are alot of Americans depending on it , and that it can help jumpstart everything. If I were to turn down a rebate it would be for one thing only, that is for them to invest that money into creating more jobs and quick!

  5. Heidi says

    I know another check would help me out. We have 3 kids, and try hard to find work. My husband usually finds season work, and I find part time when available. There are no jobs where we live in rural Montana. But we don’t want to move because we feel it is a better quality of life for the kids than in the city. I went to College for over 8 years and have a masters degree, but have nothing to show for it but student loan debts, and can’t find any work in my field. I would use this money to either pay down some higher interest debt or for a down payment on an investment like possible a small lot of property. Any little bit helps.

  6. Jason says

    I just want to know why we are not getting any money but all of the cities in the county live in are getting stimulus checks to redo the roads and whatnot. That doesnt help the economy. It may provide jobs, but it doesnt help the millions of people that are losing their homes or vehicles. As stated earlier, any little bit helps. This is why I was so scared for a democrat to get into office. They concentrate on making more jobs which is not totally a bad thing, but the US people need help now. Unemployment is at one of its highest levels in 20 years. Obama needs to think about all of those people that voted him into office. Tax cuts are not going to help anybody or anything right now. You know its bad when General Motors is considering filing for bankruptcy. They even received billions of dollars and are still filing for bankruptcy. This is bad and I bet its not going to get any better for the next 2 years. 1 Billion dollars goes along way…why cant the US people get 1 billion split up amongst us all. Does anybody know if we are getting any money???? I have looked all over and havent found anything saying we are.

  7. ken says

    i think the people need a break from all this stuff. we need lower taxes for families making under 50,000 a year and who own their own home. and help people that don’t qualify for employment. so say you are tried of the reraft in work people talking about things being cut and worrying if you are going to be next. so the person quits so he or she looks for work, say something better, and cant find anything. so you work all this time so you file for unemployment and you get told sorry you dont qualify for benefits. you quit your job and so the search begins. guess what no jobs! they need some kind of help for those people to it tier money to help more people and we would be in a mess like this

  8. kyle says

    Yea I love it how I work my butt off and only made 15 thow a year I have a family of 5 own my own place but have to pay lot rent on it lol I have been unemployed almost a year now no one will hire me cause I have a cdl and I’m over qualified yet when I go to get a job doin what I was they are all laying off boy I love ny its just full of jobs NOT.but hopefully we will all come out ahead sry for havin to vent

  9. Kay says

    I don’t know how much more we can afford from Obama. He is hurting the American people. Don’t give another stimulus refund check to people….. It’s not free people. That check will be taken back from the middle class…. Higher taxes, etc. in order to pay that back. he’s been dishing out money America don’t have! That only makes it harder on the working people. Look at America since he’s been in office! The working class people are hurting…. Don’t know how much more before we begin losing the things we work so hard for. All people want hear is “free money” and they want there’s. We are already paying Ur food stamp, some of Ur rent, school lunch, Ur healthcare, some of Ur electricity…..and, we the middle class don’t get anything in return. We are the payees! Please get a job. Obama is not going to find u one. I’m living pay check to pay check. Single mom raising two kids. Give us a break and get off the system. Because its getting really hard seeing my family do without, because my money is taking care of Ur family. Please get a job people.

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