50 Personal Finance Bloggers To Watch In 2010

Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger.net recently hosted an article that gave a list of 30 Bloggers To Watch In 2010.   After the post went live Darren gave a challenge to others in the blogosphere to make their own lists of bloggers to watch in their own niches.  I decided to join in the fun!

My list contains a lot of newer blogs, and blogs that have hit their stride in the past year.  All of them are valuable additions to your RSS reader.  Some of the bigger blogs in the personal finance niche may not appear, but that’s OK as you’ve probably already heard of them anyway!

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If you want to follow these people, and over 200 others in the personal finance niche, check out my personal finance twitter list!  So without further ado, here’s my list of 50 Personal Finance Bloggers To Watch in 2010.

50 Personal Finance Bloggers To Watch in 2010

This list isn’t in any particular order, I’ve just listed 50 of my most favorite personal finance blogs of the past year who I expect big things from in 2010.

  1. Punch Debt In The Face: This site has been one of my favorites this year just because the author always makes me smile with his hilarious drawings, and biting take on personal finance topics.  Recent post:  My 401k Is Gonna Be Pissed!
  2. Wealth Pilgrim: Neal at Wealth Pilgrim is one of the smartest guys in the PF blogosphere, and he’s a nice guy to boot.  He’s got a ton of great content, and just put out an ebook! Read his inspiring story first: My Story.
  3. Budgets Are Sexy: Another blogger that has taken off this past year, because of his insightful posts, helpful resources, and creative look at finances.  Favorite post:  Scratch Off Lottery Project.
  4. Good Financial Cents: Jeff is a certified financial planner and all around tough guy! He’s served our country in Iraq, and now he’s serving us all by giving us the best personal finance content! Top 135+ Personal Finance Posts of 2009.
  5. Oblivious Investor: If you want good information on investing, visit this site.  ‘Nuff said.  Post: How to Rollover Your 401k into a Roth IRA
  6. One Money Design: Christian personal finance site that makes you think about the impact faith should have on your finances.  FYI: Jason also writes for this site.  Post: What The Bible Says About Money.
  7. Financial Highway: Ray has been one of the more prolific writers in the PF world this year, with articles on several of the biggest blogs.  His site rocks too: 5 Tips For Effective Goal Setting.
  8. Free From Broke: One of my favorite blogs, and a great guy! Post: Why Should I Keep Dumping Money Into My Old Car Or Other Old Junk?
  9. PT Money: Phil over at PTMoney hit his stride this year with a ton of great posts, a new design, and his awesome article that was passed around everywhere, including MSN Money: 52 Ways To Make Extra Money.
  10. Enemy of Debt: An inspirational read, especially if you’re trying to get out of debt: People Need An Excuse To Spend Money, And They’re Eager To Find One.
  11. Personal Finance Notebook: A newer blog that I’ve been enjoying reading. Big things in 2010!  Five Keys to a Successful Budget.
  12. My Next Buck: Brian’s blog has been gaining steam, especially with his latest guest series: Friday Financial Foul Ups.
  13. Debt Free Adventure: Matt has been everywhere this year doing posts for some of the biggest PF bloggers, and building up his own great site.  Plus he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet: 3 Ways to Get Started Investing with $1,000 or Less.
  14. GenXFinance: Jeremy is a truly funny guy, but also is extremely smart when it comes to all things financial: Are You a Credit Card Junkie? Learn How to Kick the Habit.
  15. Redeeming Riches: Jason is an other great Christian personal finance blogger, and has a lot of thought provoking posts: Should You Give Money To A Homeless Person?
  16. Cash Money Life: Ryan has a great site, with tons of great money saving information. Don’t forget to check out his deals page.  Post: The Most Important Financial Goals for 2010.
  17. Financial Samurai: I’ve only discovered the Samurai recently, and he’s not shy about voicing his opinions.  Recent post:  Be A Sloth and Don’t ROTH – Why Converting To A ROTH Is A Mistake!
  18. Deliver Away Debt: A blog by a guy delivering pizzas to help get rid of his debt.  Recent post: Pay 401K Loan or High Interest Loan.
  19. Frugal Dad: Jason has one of the best personal finance and frugality blogs out there.   Recent post: Delaying Roth IRA Contributions One Year Could Cost You $74,000 .
  20. Money Help For Christians: Another staff writer for this site, Craig also has his own great personal finance blog.  Recent post: 8 Benefits of a Fully Funded Emergency Fund.
  21. Darwin’s Finance: Solid personal finance advice, with an interesting twist.  Recent post: Get Off Your Butt and Do Something Quick and Easy to Improve Your Finances!
  22. You Have More Than You Think: Shawanda’s blog is one of my favorite new personal finance blogs. Recent post: Budgets Aren’t Suppose to Work. You Are.
  23. Canadian Finance: If you’re a Canadian, this is one of the better Canadian finance blogs.  Recent post: What’s Yours Is Mine: Consolidating Your Debts After Marriage.
  24. Own The Dollar: A great new personal finance blog I’ve enjoyed reading the past few months.  Recent post: How To Choose a Life Insurance Plan that Meets Your Needs and Budget.
  25. Christian Personal Finance:   One of the inspirations for this blog, and still one of the best.  Recent post: How To Make Money Blogging.
  26. Money Energy: Great content, and very active in social media.   Recent post: Have You Made Your Financial Plan For 2010?
  27. The Debt Hawk: Another great debt blog and another great story of getting out of debt.  Recent post: Getting Student Loans Can Be Career Suicide.
  28. Joe  Taxpayer: Great blog for investing topics, and another helpful blogger! Recent post: Can the Market Make You Rich?
  29. Fiscal Fizzle: Spicy personal finance thoughts from a new daddy! Recent post: 6 Important Tasks After a New Baby’s Birth.
  30. Fiscal Geek: Great personal finance content, along with some creative hacking posts.  Recent post: The A-Team talks about the Roth 401k vs. Traditional 401ks.
  31. Mrs Micah: Mrs. Micah is one of the most helpful bloggers out there, and she writes from the heart.  Recent post: Why I Don’t Want to Retire Early.
  32. Studenomics: Students who are worried about finances, pay attention to this blogger! Recent post: 5 Steps to Get You Hired as an English Teacher Abroad.
  33. Green Panda Treehouse: Great personal finance blog for college students and recent grads.  Recent post: What Comic Book Characters Taught Me About Personal Finance.
  34. No Debt Plan: Kevin at No Debt Plan is a great guy, and his posts are insightful.  Recent post: Your Spouse: Financial Teammate or Financial Enemy?
  35. Amateur Asset Allocator: Kyle talks about all facets of personal finance from credit cards to investing.  Recent post: Using Your Credit Card Costs You!
  36. Being Frugal: Lynnae writes about personal finance topics from the viewpoint of a mom, and frugal queen.  Recent post: 101 Ways to Cut Your Spending This Year
  37. Moolanomy: Pinyo was very helpful to me when I was a new blogger.  His site gives top notch personal finance advice. Recent post: Do You Have To Pay Taxes On Unemployment Income?
  38. Four Pillars: Four Pillars is another popular Canadian finance blog, and the advice is second to none.  Recent post: Threats As A Negotiation Strategy.
  39. Debt Kid: Debt Kid has an amazing story of how he acquired his debt, and how he’s trying to get out.  Recent post: 11 Alternative Investment Options for 2010
  40. The Wisdom Journal: Ron really does impart a lot of wisdom on his site, and you’d do well to subscribe.  Recent post: Top 5 Personal Finance Resolutions
  41. ManVsDebt: It seems that world traveler Baker has been showing up on all the popular lists, and how could I not mention him again?  Recent post: Tyler Durden’s Guide To Personal Finance.
  42. SquawkFox: Kerry, the Fox from SquawkFox.com is a fitness, personal finance and photography guru.  Check out her new book too! Recent post:  10 Frugal Ways to get Fit this Winter.
  43. Dough Roller: The Dough Roller is the man when it comes to good personal finance and blogging advice.  Recent post:  11 Smart Money Moves to Supercharge Your Finances
  44. Million Dollar Journey: Another Canadian blogger, the frugal trader gives solid investment and finance advice.  Recent post: Early Retirement Series
  45. Money Crashers: Money Crashers is a good read, and they’re currently hosting a huge giveaway!  Recent post: Important Tax Dates To Remember
  46. Tough Money Love: I love the no-nonsense advice given out on this site.  Fools will not be suffered. Recent post: The Unemployed Flocking to Grad School – A Bad Idea that Won’t Die
  47. LenPenzo.com: Len has a different take on life, and his posts are always entertaining.  Especially love the movie reviews!  Recent post: The Only New Year’s Resolution That Really Matters
  48. My Dollar Plan: Madison has quietly grown My Dollar Plan to be one of the leading personal finance blogs.  Recent post: 35 Best Personal Finance Books
  49. Saving To Invest: Andy’s site has become one of my first stops for information about taxes, tax deductions and stimulus info. Recent post: Health Care Bill Hits Married Couples Harder
  50. Suburban Dollar: Kyle writes about personal finance from the viewpoint of a normal suburban dad, and does it well.  Recent post: The Art of Delayed Gratification

So there you have it.  My list of the top 50 personal finance blogs to watch in 2010.  If those aren’t enough blogs, head on over to WiseBread.com’s Top 100+ Personal Finance Blogs list.  There are a ton of other great blogs there to check out!

Thanks for stopping by! Before you go, please subscribe to this site via RSS or email, and follow us on twitter and facebook!

Have some other great personal finance blogs for everyone to check out?  Feel slighted that you weren’t included?  Leave a comment with your url below, and we’ll make sure it gets approved!

Last Edited: 28th February 2013

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  1. says

    Whoo hoo! #17 on the list, even though it’s in no particular order! :)

    That’s a lot of hard work putting together this list Pete, so thanks!

    Your post on how to make money with a blog was very insightful btw. I guess I should start cracking, but I need a kick in the butt b/c I’m so lazy when it comes to this. Gotta do it for the children!

    Best, Sam
    Financial Samurai´s last post ..The Katana: Performance, Income Poll, Winners, Good Reads 1/10

  2. says

    Ugh, I’m so happy I could fart :) Thanks a ton for including me in your top 50, but I’m going to pretend they were listed in order and me being first means something…haha. Keep on keepin’ on man, I love your stuff!
    Debt Ninja´s last post ..Debt Unicorn

  3. says

    I couldn’t wait to get home to give my proper thanks! Thank you so much Peter for including me on this list. I am inspired to be amongst such great people. Some of them I follow already…others I will get to know very soon!

  4. says

    Awesome list! There are a few up there I am familiar with and more excitingly quite a few I need to check out! Thanks for compiling this! Even if you were volunteered! Haha :)

  5. says

    Wonderful list, thank-you for including me even though I’m just a new kid on the block (NKOTB is not my favorite boy band by the way.)

    I like the Christian view point you bring with your writing. The new series is fantastic. I fit right into the demographic :-)

    Keep up the great work.
    Jeff´s last post ..Frugal Friday Tips – Lunch

  6. says

    I think this list is awesome. I am humbled to be listed on it Peter. I was surely happy to find some blogs on here that i hadn’t read as of yet.

    You’re the man for putting this together!

  7. says

    An excellent list indeed! I see many of the blogs that I frequent on a regular basis and some that I’ll now be sure to check out. Thanks for the concise and helpful listing!
    Chance´s last post ..YNAB 3 Review

  8. says

    Thanks for the mention in an elite group of PF bloggers! I’m hoping people aren’t just watching us, but participating with us in the financial journey of life!

  9. says

    Nice list. Hopefully Personal Dividends does not make this list next year, but for a different reason. I am hoping it will not be a blog “to watch” anymore, but a blog that has already got it made :-)

  10. says

    Great list of of blogs there. Thanks for them. It is a good idea to make a list of blogs in different niche’s. I might consider making one also in the near future.

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