How To Get Free Financial Help Online

I’ve talked a lot over at One Money Design about my personal experience as a Money Map Coach and often share how this FREE program is a helpful resource for people experiencing financial challenges.

In short, the coaching services are FREE and available through Crown Financial Ministries.  Crown is dedicated to equipping people worldwide to learn teach God’s financial principles.

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Money Map Coaching

If you’re not familiar with Money Map Coaching, there are two key components that make it so helpful to people.

First, coaches help people learn what the Bible says about money and how to honor the Lord in finances.  As a Christian, it’s important to realize God is the owner of everything (including money) and it’s our job to manage money wisely.  If you understand these two principles (ownership and financial stewardship) your financial journey is positively impacted forever.

Second, coaches help you apply practical tools to your financial situation and identify where you are on the Crown Money Map journey.  The Money Map is a proven 7 step plan to reaching true financial freedom (the final destination).  At this final destination, you have a fully funded retirement along with other investments and no longer depend on full-time work.  Reaching this destination enables you to be more generous with your time and money.

Online Coaching

But, there is more to Money Map Coaching than just the in-person service.  On a recent Crown MoneyLife radio program, I listened to Chuck Bentley interview Jocelin Boutet who is the Crown Money Map Coach Manager.

Jocelin talked about an area of Money Map coaching that I honestly don’t have much experience with, but I think it’s a valuable resource for people.  It’s the online Money Map coaching service that is available through the Crown website.

With online coaching you can go online and talk real-time (depending on the time of day) with a Money Map coach to get your financial questions answered.  The resource is completely anonymous, so you can ask questions without someone knowing your identity unless you choose to disclose it.

For example, let’s say you’re having a difficult time determining whether or not you should get a new car.  Perhaps your existing car is having mechanical trouble.  Do you need an objective opinion from another Christian who understands Biblical truths about money?  Or, someone who can point you to some practical tools to help plan your way?  If so, take your question to an online coach who can help answer it in a matter of minutes.

Jocelin mentioned she once spoke to a pastor who was concerned about visiting with a Money Map Coach who also attended his church.  In other words, as the pastor he was uncomfortable revealing his financial challenges to another church member.  Well, the privacy of the online program proved to be a great resource for this pastor and served the same needs as in-person coaching.

How Does Online Coaching Work?

It’s actually very easy to get started.  Just visit the Crown Money Map coaching page and click on the online coaching link.  You’ll need to agree to the disclaimer and then you’re chat session with a coach will begin.

There are over 100 online coaches ready to work with you and help you with your finances.  Remember, this can be a great FREE way to help you with a tough financial decision, find a Biblical financial reference, and learn more about where you are on the Money Map journey and how to make forward progress.

What do you think about these FREE financial services?

Last Edited: 25th August 2010

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  1. says

    I think that any one in need of financial assistance should realize that there is enough free info out there that they should NEVER pay for it.

    Whether its this site or one of many others, search them out and utilize them.

    Paying someone to help you get out of debt is counter-intuitive in my opinion.

  2. says

    I think this is awesome. I often find that a lot of people know a lot less than you may think about personal finance. In talking to some people at work about their financial decisions, I feel that I am almost their financial adviser. Things I see as a no-brainer, are tough decisions to others.

    This experience has really opened my eyes to the level of personal finance knowledge out there. These types of services are a huge asset I fell to MANY people. i really hope the word get’s out about them as I think a LOT of people could benefit from something like this!

  3. frank owusu afrane says

    I need financial help to start my own business as a local pastor. So I can take care of my family.

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