Shred Your Credit Card Contest Just Got Opened Up To Non Credit Card Users (And Post Roundup)

A week or two ago I posted on this site about a contest that was being run in a partnership by two of my favorite financial companies, Perkstreet Financial Rewards Checking and Lending Club. Basically the idea behind the contest is to promote the use of cash, and getting out of debt. To do that, they wanted people to put together short videos showing them shredding their credit cards.

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I’m happy to report in the first few weeks of the contest Bible Money Matters readers have already won the weekly $50 prize in the contest for the best video twice! The first winner we posted on the site last week here, showing the blender destruction of that user’s credit card.

This past week I was notified that another reader had won, David Speake,  so head on over to to view his video, and submit your own!

Video Submission Guidelines Relaxed

Over the past couple of weeks I know we’ve heard some complaints about the contest from some readers because they no longer had credit cards to shred, and couldn’t enter the contest.  Well you’re in luck.  The contest has been opened up to everyone now.   From Perkstreet:

Please let your readers know that we are not just accepting videos of credit card shreds anymore. We are also accepting videos of people talking about their journey to becoming debt-free, a video of cutting up a credit card application they received in the mail, and everything in between.

So there you have it. All you debt free non credit card using folks can now enter the contest as well! Plus your odds of winning are actually very good – 2 of our readers have already won!  Just head on over to to upload your video, and don’t forget to mention that you saw the contest here!

Post Roundup

It’s been a while since I did a roundup, so here’s a few of my favorite articles of the week.

Best Of The Rest

Last Edited: 7th January 2011

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