Kapitall Brokerage Review: A Trading Playground To Test Out Practice Portfolios, Then Trade

Many people look at stock trading as a game. In the case of Kapitall, you really can turn your trades into something very game-like.

Kapitall began as a game that allowed investors to try out new strategies, and build a hypothetical portfolio. While the game aspect remains with Kapitall (you can earn “Kapitall Koins” for your successes and use them in the online store), Kapitall is also a brokerage, so you can also make real trades, buying and selling stocks and ETFs, fairly easily with the drag and drop and interface.

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Kapitall Playground

Kapitall ReviewOne of the best things about Kapitall is the “playground.” If you have some strategies you want to try, or some experimental investments you want to test drive before you actually commit real money, you can use the hypothetical features to help you work out how things are likely to turn out.

You can also use Kapitall’s real time quotes to see how your hypothetical portfolio is performing right now. Once you have an idea of how a strategy might work, and you are satisfied with the potential results, you can execute it with your investment account.

Investment Tools & Analysis

In addition to the ability to try things out on the “playground,” Kapitall also offers a wide variety of useful analysis and investment tools. You can use the stock screen to help you find ideas, and you can also compare investments to each other using the powerful comparison tools on the web site.

The drag and drop interface is attractive, fun, and user friendly, and makes it easy to set up comparisons, as well as buy and sell investments, or add them to your hypothetical portfolio.

Opening an Account at Kapitall

kapitall brokerage review

You can join Kapitall for free. You can use the playground immediately, and beginning earning your Kapitall Koins as soon as you sign up.  The Kapitall Koins can be used in the store to purchase things like movie tickets, music, or even better – free or reduced price trades through Kapitall Generation, the brokerage subsidiary of Kapitall.

Kapitall Koins Store

If you want to begin trading using a “real” account, you’ll need to open the investment account with Kapitall Generation and transfer money from your bank account.

Opening a Kaptiall Generation account is easy; you don’t need a minimum to open the account, so you can enter your information, and have the account, and then add funds when you’re ready.

  • No minimum balance.
  • No minimum deposit.
  • Stock Trades $7.95 (or possibly lower if you use Kapitall Koins)

Kapital Brokerage Review

Support And Community

Kapitall features a live chat, so if you have issues, you can connect with someone quickly. There is also an active community and forums to help you with investing ideas, and provide you with feedback. Plus, the game aspect can provide you with insight into how your strategies stack up against others using Kapitall.

Pros And Cons

While Kapitall is fun and easy to use, there are a couple issues to be aware of.  First of all, your options are limited. You can trade stocks and ETFs, and that is about it. There isn’t a retirement account option, so your portfolio will be in a taxable investment account. Trades are $7.95 apiece, which isn’t terrible, but it is a little on the high end. (check out rates at other brokerages here)

You can watch the Kapitall Twitter account for occasional deals, however. It’s possible that you will be able to trade at a discount — or even for free.

Kapitall can be a lot of fun to use, but there are limitations. There are some great features, and the research tools are solid, and the playground is a powerful proving ground. But you will need to be satisfied with the smaller variety of investment options.

Open A FREE Kapitall Account And Try The Playground Out Today!

Kapital Brokerage Review

What are your thoughts about a brokerage like Kapitall? Have you given them a try, and if so, what were your thoughts?

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Last Edited: 19th September 2012

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