Happy Memorial Day: Take A Moment Today To Remember The Sacrifice So Many Have Made


Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Don’t forget to take a moment today to remember those fighting men and women who have sacrificed so much to allow us to remain free, and to be the greatest nation on God’s green earth.

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This weekend I stopped by my grandparent’s grave at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Bloomington, MN.  I don’t get by there very often, but when I am able to visit it is always a sober reminder of just how many have sacrificed for us as a nation. It reminds me of how much my grandfather gave, being shot down, and becoming a prisoner of war in a German POW camp for several years.  It wasn’t easy, and he didn’t talk about it very much.  Despite all he went through, he was always a loving man, and wonderful grandfather.

Since it was Memorial Day weekend the cemetery was in full bloom with flags flying, and people bringing flowers to the graves of loved ones.  It was quite the scene to witness.

So on this Memorial Day weekend, thank you to our veterans, and thank you to those who have already paid the ultimate price.  You won’t be forgotten.


Last Edited: 10th February 2014

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