Frugal Workout: Free Exercise Plan – 100 Push-Up Challenge

Out of shape… Again.

Last year I got to a point where I was at my heaviest weight ever – just over 254 pounds. I wasn’t happy being that heavy, and even though I’m not a small guy at 6 feet 4 inches, that is still a lot of weight to be carrying around. I decided last year to get serious and lose some weight.

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I started eating healthier and working out 6 days a week. 3 days of weight training (both upper and lower body) and 3 days of aerobic exercise every week with one day off for rest. After all was said and done I had lost 40 pounds, bringing my weight down to around 215 last fall.

Over the past 4-5 months I’ve let myself go again, going into my normal winter hibernation cycle, and I’ve put 20 pounds back on. Talk about a roller coaster!

I’ve decided that I’m going to get back on the wagon by joining in the 100 Push-Up Challenge that several other bloggers have decided to join. J.D. over at started the trend last week by asking who else would join in the program. I decided to join after several other bloggers I’m familiar with, including The Happy Rock, decided to jump on board as well.

So how does the program work?

The One Hundred Pushups program requires joiners to exercise three days a week for six weeks. Each day you perform five sets of push-ups, with a 60-120 second rest period between each set. The number of pushups you perform every week increases until at last during the final week, there is a slight cool-down week. A few days after you finish week six, you try for the magic number of one hundred push-ups.

Can I do it? I don’t know, in my current condition I’m going to have to stick to this plan diligently to be able to perform that feat in 6 weeks. We shall see!

Two nights ago I performed my initial push-up test, and it was extremely humbling. 10 push-ups was all I could manage!

Because of the number I completed in my initial test I’ll be starting the program by doing a series of push-ups as shown in column 2 below:

Will I make it through my entire day 1 workout? Stay tuned, I start next Monday!  Keep track of my progress on

Later this week I’ll post some useful websites and other free resources for getting in shape and losing weight! In the meantime check out these other posts from bloggers doing the 100 Push-Up Challenge!

100 Push-Up Challenge Website
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Exercise for Free @
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Last Edited: 23rd April 2011

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