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Frugal Things To Do In…

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Searching for some frugal things to do in your city of residence? Going on a vacation soon and want to know some of the frugal things to do in the area? Well, have I got the resource for you!

The members of the Money Life Network have decided to join together in creating a series of blog posts covering frugal things to do in the places we live in.  Over the past two weeks we’ve done the following posts on the areas that we live in:

Visit The Blog Posts

There are some great posts here,  and we hope you’ll find them useful!

Don’t see your city included in the list?  Well It’s high time you did something about it!  Write a post about “frugal things to do in.. ” for your own city, and submit it through the Money Life Network contact page.  Once we get it we’ll put your submission on the network site, and include a pin in our map for your post as well.  If you’ve got questions, leave me a comment!

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Last Edited: 10th February 2014

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